Tucannon Farms in Eastern WA-Our Farm to Your Table, Cruelty Free, Non-GMO

Brad McMasters, Economic Development, Port of Columbia, encourages small farmers to work together, not against each other. He is all about #communitynotcompetition. Read how Richard Heireren and Amanda Allred are helping to build a strong farming community in Eastern Washington by way of Tucannon Farms. Richard Heieren and Amanda Allred are professional land surveyors, lookingContinue reading “Tucannon Farms in Eastern WA-Our Farm to Your Table, Cruelty Free, Non-GMO”

Hands in for Hands On (HiHo)–nonprofit for building Children’s Museum in Tri-Cities, WA

If you clicked on this post, you would probably like to have a children’s museum in the Tri-Cities like the ones they have in Seattle, Olympia and Spokane. Please like and share this post on social media and tag everyone who would be interested in learning how they can help HiHo and its mission. HandsContinue reading “Hands in for Hands On (HiHo)–nonprofit for building Children’s Museum in Tri-Cities, WA”

Weddings in the Mid-Columbia & Vendor Directory, Jenne Kissell Photography

Few events in life are better than falling in love.      –Jay Pancost, Officiant at Charvat Wedding, 10.1.2016, Othello, WA. Photography by Jenne Kissell of JK Photography. This article was originally published in Living TC Magazine, here. There are very few milestones in life that compare with your wedding day, surrounded by family and friendsContinue reading “Weddings in the Mid-Columbia & Vendor Directory, Jenne Kissell Photography”


Photos by Mark Cornellison Locally owned and operated, Stick and Stone opened in January of 2014. It is no wonder their pizza has an authentic, wood fired taste because their oven, which cooks your pizza in less than two minutes at a temperature of 900 degrees, was imported from Italy. This enhances the made-in-house, fromContinue reading “STICK AND STONE – RICHLAND”

Marla Rogers, Tri-Cities Cookie Lady

Photos courtesy of Marla Rogers of Marla’s Cookie Co. Marla Rogers, or “the cookie lady,” has been baking cookies from scratch since she was a young girl in her mother’s kitchen. Marla says, “I used to hover over her every move in the kitchen, wearing her oversized aprons.” In fact, she still bakes with herContinue reading “Marla Rogers, Tri-Cities Cookie Lady”

Newborn Photographer Tiffany Parrish

Originally published on KSL, here. After the birth of her youngest child, doctors informed Tiffany Parrish that she would be unable to have more children. This news was heartbreaking because she desired to have more children. It required considerable prayer for her to work through it, but eventually, her loss turned into love for babiesContinue reading “Newborn Photographer Tiffany Parrish”

State of Ag for Tri-City Herald

Book of the Week In The Magic of Children at Christmas, edited by Alicia Walters, twenty women share their precious childhood Christmas memories in stories that are filled with all the sweetness of a magical childhood and hope in the true meaning of Christmas. A quick, endearing read for yourself or your holiday book clubContinue reading “State of Ag for Tri-City Herald”

Rain at the Pumpkin Patch and Other Mishaps

Fall is my favorite season, and I especially love fall in the Tri-Cities. We get to enjoy the beautiful, fall leaves and atmosphere with relatively warm temperatures. I love to open the windows and let the outside air cool my house. And I especially love the streets lined with leaves showing off their vibrant hues.Continue reading “Rain at the Pumpkin Patch and Other Mishaps”

Manito Park and Botanical Gardens – Spokane, WA

The Back-to-School excitement wore off at our house prematurely this year due to what I’m calling “Walters Plague 2016.” Just two weeks into the school year, all six of us got sick with the flu or a cold. Then, those who had a cold traded with those who had a flu. Then I got aContinue reading “Manito Park and Botanical Gardens – Spokane, WA”

Gorgeous Blue Columbia River, Richland, WA

No filter today on this gorgeous blue Columbia River. Photos taken at Howard Amon Park in Richland, WA. The twins and I love to meet their daddy here on his lunch break. My boys love to watch their dad skip rocks and they like to toss handfuls of pebbles into the water. Then we goContinue reading “Gorgeous Blue Columbia River, Richland, WA”

Best of All I Love the Fall

This article was originally published in Living TC Magazine. “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” –Albert Camus Of all my favorite fall traditions, what I like best is enjoying this beautiful season with my family.  As soon as I get a sense of the first crisp of fall in theContinue reading “Best of All I Love the Fall”

Summer is Gone, but It Will Come Back

Columbia River, Kennewick, WA. Summer announces its light on our calendar like the sun right before it begins to set. We put up our patio umbrellas and shades and feel quite “cool” in the sun’s warm glow. Things start to fall into place and we feel “Life is good” here. For a moment, I canContinue reading “Summer is Gone, but It Will Come Back”

Up Badger Mountain

About 220 miles southeast of Seattle, Washington is the Tri-Cities (Pasco, Kennewick and Richland).  But unlike the western part of the state, Eastern Washington is known for many things (excluding rain), including: baseball, boat races, biking golfing and especially sunshine.  In fact, the Tri-Cities boasts that it’s sunny 300 days out of the year. VisitorsContinue reading “Up Badger Mountain”

Sacajawea Heritage Monument, Kennewick, WA

These were taken standing between the Sacajawea Heritage Monument and the Bateman Island trailhead overlooking the Columbia River on the Kennewick, WA side. Across the river is Chiawana Park in Pasco. This marina in Columbia Park is a great place to park or ride and then jog or take your bike  along the 22 milesContinue reading “Sacajawea Heritage Monument, Kennewick, WA”

Lawrence Scott Park in Kennewick, WA

Lawrence Scott Park is one of my favorite places to take my children to ride their scooters. The park is named after  a former  mayor of Kennewick  who served as mayor from 1962 to 1967. The walking path is two-thirds of a mile long and it is just right for little feet. The park isContinue reading “Lawrence Scott Park in Kennewick, WA”

Summer in the Garden

All images copyright Alicia Walters. Photographs taken at Grange Park in Kennewick, Washington . I love to take my family to Grange Park in Kennewick, WA. The master gardeners there do such a beautiful job. It is always  an adventure taking our identical twin 2 year olds anywhere,  but they love to make us chase themContinue reading “Summer in the Garden”

Tri-City Herald People’s Choice Awards 2016 is Out

The following was published in the People’s Choice Awards 2016 -eBook, here. All photography by Alicia Walters Viera’s Bakery 430 W. Lewis St. Pasco; 509-546-9726 http://www.vierasbakery.com/ Manuel and Esther Viera, Owners; Nono and Marisa Viera, Managers Viera’s Bakery offers a huge selection of freshly baked goods that they display in large vintage-vibe cases with cherryContinue reading “Tri-City Herald People’s Choice Awards 2016 is Out”

Summer Family Fun in the Tri-Cities

Below are some of the events my family looks forward to each summer in the Tri-Cities.  All photos by Alicia Walters. Enjoy! Recurring Events              J & S Dreamland Express operates Saturday – Sunday 1 – 5:30 p.m. in Columbia Park through September. It leaves every 20 minutes from the ticket booth between the Family FishingContinue reading “Summer Family Fun in the Tri-Cities”

Read Excerpt from The Magic of Children at Christmas

In The Magic of Children at Christmas, twenty women share their precious childhood Christmas memories in stories that are filled with all the sweetness of a magical childhood and hope in the true meaning of Christmas.  A great read for yourself or your holiday book club to set the mood for Christmas.  I hope youContinue reading “Read Excerpt from The Magic of Children at Christmas”

How to Get Your Kitchen and Home Thanksgiving Ready

If you are like me, you are probably expecting a houseful on Thanksgiving Day. While I love and appreciate taking a special day to remember our blessings and hold a family prayer of gratitude, Thanksgiving puts hostesses in high gear and sometimes, it is too much stress and I end up wanting to eat everyContinue reading “How to Get Your Kitchen and Home Thanksgiving Ready”

Christmas Destinations: Wishing You a Merry Christmas from Leavenworth, Washington

Washington State is home to one of the nation’s most beloved Christmas destinations for families. Leavenworth, a Bavarian valley in the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains, was named by Lifed.com as one of the Top Ten Places to Spend Your Christmas holiday. It offers families a European-style, Bavarian Christmas that leaves visitors feeling likeContinue reading “Christmas Destinations: Wishing You a Merry Christmas from Leavenworth, Washington”

Children Need to be Children

There seems to be so much pressure on young mothers to be constant providers of educational experiences for their children as well as getting their children to read and to write at an earlier and earlier age. Some public school districts across the country have or will soon offer full-day kindergarten and with that comesContinue reading “Children Need to be Children”

Harvest Time: Pumpkins, Hay Rides and Apple Cider

I love taking my family to the pumpkin patch.  It is an activity that the entire family can enjoy together.  Beyond just picking out a pumpkin, children get to experience a taste of the traditional Fall Harvest Festival.  If done well, the pumpkin patch can feel like an open Farmer’s market, displaying all the sightsContinue reading “Harvest Time: Pumpkins, Hay Rides and Apple Cider”

How to Put Makeup in the Right Place: Talking to Your Teenager about Makeup

You have a daughter who thinks she’s ready to wear makeup, but you don’t want to send her to school looking like an eye shadow palette exploded on her face. Here are 5 points to consider when first talking to your teen about makeup. Makeup Comes Second to Your Wellness No amount of makeup canContinue reading “How to Put Makeup in the Right Place: Talking to Your Teenager about Makeup”