Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Thomas #TheFireWithinTour Opened at Magnolia Music Studios in Richland, WA


Photo of Jennifer Thomas, courtesy of Jennifer Thomas. Used with permission.

Jennifer Thomas, Award-winning Pianist, Violinist & Composer, Yamaha Artist: Epic Cinematic Orchestral Piano Works. 

Click here for current tour and ticket information.

The first time I became acquainted with Jennifer Thomas’s music was while listening to Spotify. My suggested songs came from her album, “Illumination,” and I was surprised by her energetic, motivating sound! Quickly her music became a favorite and so I searched for her on YouTube and watched her music video “A Beautiful Storm” and was blown away by both her music and Will Thomas’s cinematography of the dramatic west coast landscape.

Jennifer Thomas Music News:

  • #TheFireWithinTour happening now.
  • Six albums in ten years, including: Key of Sea (2006), The Lullaby Album (2009), Illumination (2012), Winter Symphony (2015), Key of Sea 10 Year Special Edition (2017) and The Fire Within (2018).
  • Russian figure skating pair Natalia Zaiiako and Alexander Enbert (2019 bronze World Champions) have chosen “The Fire Within,” by Jennifer Thomas, co-written and featuring The Rogue Pianist (Kimberly Starkey) for their 2019-2020 short program.
  • “The Fire Within” music video won “Best Music Video” at the Silicon Beach Film Festival and 1st place in the Instrumental Music Video Category of The Indie Gathering Film Festival, as well as “Best Music Video” in the Sunnyside Up Film Festival.
  • Jennifer Thomas’s music will be appearing in a BBC documentary (details to come soon). Follow Jennifer Thomas on Facebook and Instagram for music news and upcoming events.


#TheFireWithinTour opening night at Magnolia Music Studios in Richland, WA. Photo by Alicia Walters.

Magnolia Music Studios in Richland, WA provided a beautiful atmosphere for #TheFireWithinTour opening night. #TheFireWithinTour concerts will be set in intimate venues where guests will have the opportunity to meet Jennifer Thomas and her husband Will and ask questions about her music and purchase signed copies of her albums, including five inspiring albums with epic sound and one incredible Christmas album filled with classics as well as modern favorites, including “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” and “Breath of Heaven.”

One of the qualities that sets Jennifer Thomas’s music apart is her classical piano training. There is a timeless appeal to her music; high quality scales, technique, and dynamics that will keep audiences coming back for a long time while framing it in a context today’s listeners will get excited about (they will want to update their workout playlists to include her music)! Her crossover style is achieved beautifully while not at the expense of superb musicality, which is one of the reasons her cover of Hans Zimmer’s “Time” works so well. Her music is made for the big screen as it would enhance audiences’ enjoyment of the cinematography.

Although her presentation in her concert seems straightforward: piano, violin, a few monitors, speakers and lights, her music is anything but simple. Her technique in her live performances is seamless as she transitions from piano to violin seemingly without effort. Jennifer’s commitment to practice is readily seen as her live performances are superb; truly, the difference between her recordings and live performances is hard to detect. Her therapeutic music make experiencing her concert worth the investement to attend. Attendees routinely report a feeling of being carried away in her music to a better place mentally; they come away feeling inspired to believe more in themselves, and perhaps even let go of past hurts. #TheFireWithinTour is a musical journey that fuels the mind and soul with positive energy.

When I had arrived at Magnolia Studios, I felt like I had listened to multiple tracks from multiple Jennifer Thomas albums but one number that surprised me was her song, “Glorious.” Jennifer explains in this video that while she was completing her album “The Fire Within,” she had one last song to write. She had this idea of what it was going to be and it just wouldn’t come. Finally, she resorted to delving back into the classics: Beethoven, Chopin, etc. until finally, it came to her and she wrote the song “Glorious” in one night.

Jennifer says about “Glorious” that she imagines what it will be like when we arrive at the end of our lives and rather than have it be a morbid, sad thought, she thinks it should be something we are proud of because of all we have endured and pushed through. And that really is what #TheFireWithinTour and album is about: we have a fire within each of us and we shouldn’t let the worldly pressures extinguish it but we should fight and that is why each track is what Jennifer describes as her “fight songs,” until we arrive at the last track, when we have fought so hard, it will be “Glorious.”

Jennifer Thomas and family are currently en route to New Mexico as they enter week four out of seven of #TheFireWithinTour. Visit for current tour and ticket information. Support independent artists and become a Jennifer Thomas patron here. 

Just as a side note – after the concert, I grabbed my CDs and was looking forward to my turn to meet Jennifer Thomas. I remember feeling overcome with emotion having just heart “Glorious” and saying to myself, “I am just going to talk to her and be very professional.” Well, I cried and I fan gushed. I think I pointed toward the piano and made an inaudible cry in an attempt to express how much I appreciated her music. I had recently had someone very close to me experience some severe health challenges and I was very impressed with how understanding and compassionate Jennifer was as she listened to how her music touched my heart. Music can be medicine if we will look for and listen to music like that found on The Fire Within album.

Written by Alicia Walters, freelance writer for print and digital media and author of When in Tri-cities Blog. Tri-cities, WA.

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by writer Alicia Walters, contributor to print and digital magazines.

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