Autumn Flame Maples, Kennewick WA

20181021_08445320181021_21062020181021_21215420181023_080809Photography by Alicia Walters 

W. 4th Ave. in Kennewick the 2nd half of October is one of my favorite streets! I look forward to the Autumn Flame Maples showing off all year. Last year, just as they were showing a lot of color, a wind came and blew all the leaves to the ground. I was so excited this year because we had a lot of wind in September. And I hoped the wind had come before the leaves had a chance to turn so that when the leaves did turn, the wind would be calm and we could enjoy their color for a long while! It has really been one of the prettiest falls we’ve had.

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by writer Alicia Walters, contributor to print and digital magazines.

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