YoungLife, Non-denominational, Jesus-Centered Youth Group Invites You!


God loves us so much – we are his sons and daughters. The world often tries to undermine this fact just as Jesus was dismissed by some during his lifetime, but we know who we are just as he did. And when he comes, we will see him because we will have followed him. See 1 John 3:2-3.

Life for a young person in today’s high-tech/low meaningful interaction world can leave youth feeling apathetic and directionless about life. Christians teach their youth that we are all sons and daughters of God – it means that we love our brothers and sisters and extend a hand of friendship to them – even if they are different, even if they have struggles, even if they don’t deserve kindness; because Jesus loves us, despite our shortcomings and so we love others.

This belief serves as a behavioral compass for a youth – to correct and guide him or her toward conduct that is healthy and uplifting for – not only the individual but for all those who come in contact with him or her. It requires consistent, spiritual nourishment through individual study as well as reliable support from parents, extended family, mentors and peers.

That is why I am so happy that Whitney Klos, English teacher at Kamiakin HS and YoungLives mentor would talk to me about the YoungLife organization! She says, “YoungLife is a non-denominational Christian organization with the goal of having caring adults work alongside teenagers and meet them where they are currently to make a positive difference in their lives!”


Participate in YoungLife

Youth can participate after school in Club, which includes: music, games and a short talk about Jesus. Campaigners delves a little bit deeper into the specifics of how God can work in our lives. Currently there are YoungLife clubs and Kamiakin HS, Kennewick HS, Southridge HS, Chiawana HS and Richland/Hanford HS.

In addition, there are WyldLife clubs at Chief Joseph MS, McLoughlin MS, Desert Hills, MS, and Horse Heaven Hills, MS. Mentors and leaders are unpaid volunteers and kids participate free. The only cost is camp and YoungLife holds fundraisers to off-set the cost.

Click here to find more information of when and where to meet to participate.

Additional Branches of YoungLife

Capernaum is a branch of YoungLife for teens with special needs. They meet once a month and have a blast! To get involved, contact CJ Gose:

YoungLives is a branch of YoungLife for teen moms. Whitney Klos is currently working with this branch that works to provide one-on-one mentorship to teen moms in the Tri-Cities region. They have a club event that includes: dinner, childcare, crafts, games and a short talk about Jesus. They provide diapers and wipes for teen moms the last Thursday of the month.

To get involved with helping teen moms in YoungLives, sign-up to do childcare once a month, donate diapers and wipes and support teen moms and babies in attending camp this summer. Many have never been able to go to summer camp and are excited at the chance to get away and be a teenager.

Bunco for Babies Fundraiser

Coming up is the annual Bunco for Babies fundraising event May 24th. Come enjoy a night of Bunco, dessert, hearing about YoungLives and a silent auction. To attend or help out, contact Whitney Klos:

Become a YoungLife Mentor

There are several ways community members can help support YoungLife: 1) Make a donation by clicking here, 2) Volunteer to be a leader by contacting Steve Vollmer:

Read about YoungLife’s Mission here.

Read about YoungLife’s Safety Standards here.

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