Get a Free Consultation and $500 off Treatment at Andros Orthodontics – Pasco, WA



Dr. Andros is a Board Certified orthodontist in Pasco, WA with training from Columbia University and Jacksonville University. He is a Richland High School graduate and fond of the Tri-Cities. “It’s a great place to live and to raise a family,” he says. Andros Orthodontics gives back to the Tri-Cities community by sponsoring community sports teams and working with PTO’s. A parent himself, Dr. Andros wants to help alleviate any concerns parents may have during his consultations with new patients.

When to Get a Consultation

Consultations are free and it is recommended that parents bring their kids in beginning at 7 if there are any questions regarding the child’s bite or how his teeth are growing in. If there are no concerns, still schedule a consultation at age 8 or anytime you have questions about braces.

Your Free Consultation Includes:

  • X-Rays
  • Pictures
  • Visit with Dr. Andros
  • Answers to any questions regarding treatment


Phase 1: Typically beginning at ages 9-10, early treatment before braces will address any issues with the patient’s bite or how the teeth are growing in, including spacers. Not every patient will need early treatment.

Phase 2: Typically beginning at ages 11-2 years when the permanent teeth have grown in and anytime after that a patient wishes to address any issues, braces are applied.

Patients and parents of patients like Andros Orthodontics because of the friendly staff, beautiful facility and Dr. Andros’s attention to detail. Patients can earn “Doc Dollars” for being on time, wearing their elastics and keeping their teeth and braces clean. If the patient loses his retainer, Dr. Andros will supply a replacement at no cost.

Mention you heard about Andros Orthodontics on When in Tri-Cities and receive $500 off treatment (includes lifetime retainers).

Patients will enjoy the open floor plan and panoramic windows looking out into the clinic’s garden. At the patient education station, a team member will assist new patients in the care and maintenance of their braces. When treatment is finished, patients will enjoy having their teeth polished by Dr. Andros and then choosing from an assortment of treats from the “Candy Cart” that have been “off limits” during treatment.



Andros Orthodontics wants to make financing as hassle free as they can by providing each patient with an estimate up front. A team member will call your insurance provider for you to see what insurance will cover. They offer interest free payment plans up to 24 months, as well as a discount for those patients paying up front.

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