Fresh Picks in Kennewick – Brought by Rowley and Hawkins Fruit Farm

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There are several reasons to make Fresh Picks your regular morning and afternoon pick-me-up! Their natural smoothies are made with wholesome ingredients and sweetened with only agave nectar. They use 100% juice and unsweetened milk. My personal favorite to jump start my day is the Blueberry Rush. This smoothie is made with: blueberries, yogurt, flax, peanut butter and almond milk. A customer favorite is Fruit Paradise made with: strawberries, apricots, mango, yogurt, orange and mango juice.

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Fresh Picks has some of the Tri-cities locally made favorites including: Taste-a-Treat Cherry Apple and classic Apple Cider, Rowley and Hawkins famous farm stand pies, Sheffield Cider, jams and chocolate dipped strawberries! My husband and I agree that their pie crust is the lightest and tastiest we’ve ever tried! Apricot season is just around the corner and peach season is coming and so they will have freshly frozen peach pies to take and bake – nothing beats a warm peach pie with melting vanilla ice cream on top!

As of July 24th, 2017, Fresh Picks will also offer their delicious salads and smoothies in a lunch combo. The $10.75 combo includes a medium smoothie, green salad with dressing and a dessert – your choice of a tart or chocolate dipped strawberry. The salads are generously topped with your choice of nuts and berries. And these guys know their berries. The berries in their salads and pies have a very concentrated flavor and are just delicious.

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I love going to Fresh Picks year-round. I consider them my year-round, indoor farmer’s market in Tri-Town. It is so fun when the summer changes to fall and apple season hits Fresh Picks. They offer classic stand by apples as well as new varieties. The apples are big, and the smell is wonderful. Pumpkins are also available to purchase in October. We are so lucky to have this amazing farm stand just a small stretch from Costco in Kennewick. Why wouldn’t you want your produce to be locally grown? The taste doesn’t even compare!

Did you know? School Fundraising and Large Group order programs are available year-round at Fresh Picks. They offer fundraisers for PTA, Education, Sports, Clubs and Activities. Give Briana a call to find out more! Briana at Fresh Picks (575) 725-4550.

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