Wildflowers in Southeast Washington – Heather Weagant, Teacher & Photographer


A shrub native to our area, rabbitbrush can be found throughout the Tri-Cities

All photos copyright Heather Weagant. 

Heather Weagant is a full-time special education teacher and mother born and raised in Richland. When not around children, she tries to spend her time behind the lens, photographing landscapes within the Tri-Cities and around the Pacific Northwest.

Contact Heather on Instagram: @hweagant


Pink desert wildflowers found in the sand at Twin Sisters outside of Wallula Gap.


Balsamroot in full bloom at Twin Sisters rocks near Wallula Gap.


Big patches of balsamroot found overlooking the Columbia River from Wallula Gap.


Abundance of balsamroot against ominous skies while hiking around Wallula Gap.


Balsamroot blooming atop McBee Grade outside of Benton City.


The sun shines through the pedals of balsamroot while hiking on top of Red Mountain.


A rare native cactus pokes out of the brush near Horn Rapids.


The infamous rusted out car sits in a field of balsamroot and lupine at Dalles Mountain Ranch within Columbia Hills State Park, just under 2 hours away from the Tri-Cities.


Pink phlox can be found within our desert, like these found near Rattlesnake Mountain.

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