Photography Destinations with Courtney Corriell Photography + Real Estate and Small Business Photography based in Irrigon, OR

All photography © Courtney Corriell Photography.


Photos of farmland in Irrigon, OR

Courtney Corriell is a photographer based in Irrigon, OR who serves Northeast Oregon and Southeast Washington. Most clients meet her along the Washington/Oregon border and there are plenty of reasons to do so. Courtney is a natural light photographer who loves to get outdoors.  She prefers not to work in a studio because there is so much available stunning landscapes in our area, ideal for family and individual portraits. While she shoots plenty of family and portrait photography, she continues to expand and add diversity to her portfolio through her creative work.

Courtney also specializes in real estate photography. The way you photograph and represent your home online can make all the difference in helping to attract potential buyers to come explore your home. Too often, sellers try to take the photo themselves with a cell phone or outdated equipment. The best way to ensure the most potential buyers look at your home is through high quality, professional photos.

In addition, Courtney is passionate about working closely with small businesses that are looking to increase their online presence and use professional photography as part of their advertising and marketing strategy. After all, the beautiful things that help make your business run deserve to have beautiful pictures.

Courtney does custom wall photography for businesses to enhance their interior aesthetic and help customers feel at home in their shop. When I walk into a business, I love to see local scenery captures in the best possible light hanging on the walls. It helps to give the community a sense of pride.

The Big Print Shop, located in Benton City is an excellent resource for wall art in this region. They can print fine art posters, marketing materials, vehicle graphics and more. Courtney is well connected with the shop and they work closely with her on her prints to make sure they are done to precision. Courtney Corriell Photography is offering an exclusive deal to When in Tri-Cities readers:

Mention you heard about Courtney Corriell Photography on when you book your Summer Session or order a product and receive an exclusive 15% off your order. *Valid through July 4th, 2017.


Photo of Boardman Tree Farms, Boardman, OR


Photo of Kiona Vineyards

Courtney loves photography because of the creative freedom it gives her. The surrounding parks, landscapes and rivers are ideal backdrops for creative expression through a camera lens. Clients of Corriell Photography are pleased to see themselves surrounded by local beauty. It just makes your session experience a little extra special. You cannot get these dessert canvases everywhere; they are truly unique and beautiful.

One tip that Courtney suggests to clients is to feel free to be themselves in the photos and try not to overthink the clothes or the session. She invites her clients to try a beautiful location in our region and to give themselves permission to enjoy the session. Her photos truly capture that warmth and down home style; and are the kind of photos that you will enjoy hanging in your home for years.


Photo private property Finley, WA


Photo McNary Wildlife Area, Umatilla, OR

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Photos from Hat Rock to Pasco to Prosser and Benton City. 

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