Love is Photogenic-Wiberg Photography in Kennewick



Featured photography by Kim Wiberg of Wiberg Photography 

Kim Wiberg (Wiberg Photography) grew up in the Tri-Cities and lives in Kennewick. She is a devoted wife and mother and volunteers in her church with the young women. She is warm and personable and her clients love her. She has a particular soft place in her heart for mothers and hopes that moms who are sometimes shy in front of the camera will take the time to invest in getting professional photos with their kids.

Kim Wiberg lost her own mother all too soon when her mother passed away from cancer. To honor Chris Carver, Wiberg Photography recently gave away a photo package to Floyd Mahaffey, a Tri-Cities resident who is currently battling three types of cancer.  He was nominated by his daughter who says that despite his illness, Floyd remains a hard worker and wonderful father and grandfather. It’s important to capture these special photos with those we hold dear.

So many times, we put off family pictures because we wait until we are the perfect weight with Pinterest ready matching outfits. But do we wait so long that a precious moment in our family’s life passes us by? Wiberg Photography encourages clients to get pictures often. The time to take photos is now, as we are, with the people we love doing the things we love.


“Love is photogenic,” says Kim Wiberg who isn’t afraid to get goofy in front of her clients. She works well capturing children’s portraits because she has valuable experience working with young children in her home and church. She understands the camera can be intimidating for young children as well as anybody. “I really want my clients to know that the pressure’s off. I just want them to be comfortable and overall, just be themselves.”

Kim, along with her husband Jeff work together. They have been taking pictures for over ten years and they don’t use a lot of photo editing. They just use good principles of photography and natural light to get a naturally beautiful photo. You can see Jeff Wiberg’s photography of their son Devon riding his unicycle up Badger Mountain at night, here.

Kim likes to meet her clients with her family portrait sessions and wedding sessions prior to the session to introduce herself and meet any children who are getting pictures. It really helps the entire family feel comfortable. A little meet and greet as well as discussion of what the clients are wanting most in their photos goes a long way. “I want my clients to look at their photo and say, ‘that really captures who we are.’” Kim says, “I want the photo to be a ten!”



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