Tucannon Farms in Eastern WA-Our Farm to Your Table, Cruelty Free, Non-GMO

Brad McMasters, Economic Development, Port of Columbia, encourages small farmers to work together, not against each other. He is all about #communitynotcompetition. Read how Richard Heireren and Amanda Allred are helping to build a strong farming community in Eastern Washington by way of Tucannon Farms.


Richard Heieren and Amanda Allred are professional land surveyors, looking to leave the corporate rush behind to pursue their small farm dream. Amanda is a 5th generation farmer. Growing up, her parents owned a cattle ranch. Richard looked for twenty years for the perfect farm and it was actually Reece Hamm, Real Estate Agent of Kennewick WA that helped them purchase Tucannon Farms, a 40 acre farm located near the beautiful Tucannon River.

Tucannon Farms is home to Annie, a large momma pig. She is two years old and was bottle fed from the time she was a baby. She acts just like a dog and they even let her run wild with the cows. Annie has three piglets who Amanda refers to as “Boris and the boys.” You can follow Annie, Boris and the boys on Instagram @tucannonfarms. I love to check in on the pigs! Annie will have more piglets this year.

Amanda says that she never would have imagined raising pigs but that pastured pigs are quite different. First, they don’t smell because they have such a big area and nice fresh air and land to romp in. They eat grass and alfalfa and Amanda has been pleasantly surprised with how happy and tame they are. “They are so cute and just a joy to be around,” she says.

Tucannon Farms offers pasture raised beef, pork, chicken, duck, and heritage turkeys; as well as chicken eggs and duck eggs. The butcher comes directly to the farm to process the meat and from there, customers can arrange to pick up their share. The whole point is “farm to table” in the most cruel-free process.

We love these animals. The better they are treated and the more respectful and kind we are to them, they then give themselves to us to nourish and strengthen our bodies. It’s really beautiful.-Amanda Allred.


Developing plans for this upcoming season at Tucannon Farms include: Dayton Farmer’s Market, 1-2 days a week, opening the farm for a U-Pick, hosting the Heirloom Tomato Festival, and a Pumpkin Patch in the fall. Amanda says that she loves the spirit of community in Eastern Washington and the feeling of friendship among all the local farmers.

Another exciting opportunity for visitors to Tucannon Farms is whether you are picking up pasture raised products or just looking to get out in the country, you can reserve the Tucannon Farms Bunkhouse. Wild turkeys, deer and elk are often seen wandering the property as a sanctuary away from the hunters.

The farm is ten miles from the Blue Mountain Ski Area, right along the Lewis and Clark Historical Trail and there is bird watching and plenty of steelhead, salmon and trout for fishing. The State of Washington is currently encouraging fisherman to come up to this area where the Tucannon flows into the Snake.


It was such a pleasure talking with Amanda! I can truly feel of their love for their animals and their farm. I look forward to visiting soon! For more information about Tucannon Farms pasture raised meat or to reserve the Tucannon Bunkhouse, visit Tucannon Farms on Facebook and Instagram.

Tucannon Farms . Richard Heieren & Amanda Allred . (575)649.4724 or (509)382.2099

216 Tucannon Road, Dayton, WA 99328 . E-mail: tucannonfarms@gmail.com

Pastured meats . eggs . non-gmo produce



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Additional Information

Tucannon Trail http://www.wta.org/go-hiking/hikes/tucannon-trail-3135

Blue Mountains/Last Chance Resort http://www.thelastresortrv.com/wpi/
The Tucannon Wind Farm starts at mile marker 8 on Tucannon Road.  These wind turbines are huge and very cool to see from the road. The Lewis and Clark monument is at mile marker 10.  They named the Tucannon River “Kimooenlm Creek” and it was later renamed to the Tucannon River.  This monument marks where they crossed the Tucannon before going into Pataha Creek.
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