Hands in for Hands On (HiHo)–nonprofit for building Children’s Museum in Tri-Cities, WA

If you clicked on this post, you would probably like to have a children’s museum in the Tri-Cities like the ones they have in Seattle, Olympia and Spokane. Please like and share this post on social media and tag everyone who would be interested in learning how they can help HiHo and its mission.


Hands In for Hands On (HiHo) Tri-Cities is a non-profit organization supported by the Three Rivers Community Foundation. HiHo is made possible through the generosity of donations from local individuals and businesses who believe in investing in our community’s children.

HiHo seeks to provide hands on exhibits with a STEAM focus. STEM, or Science-Technology-Engineering and Mathematics-related exhibits are currently available in the Tri-Cities at CBC’s Planetarium and The Reach Museum, but HiHo would include the Arts as well as making the museum specifically catered to galvanize children’s imaginations!

When President of HiHo, Lara Hastings would visit other children’s museums like the one in Olympia or Spokane with her family she asked her husband, “Why don’t we have something like this in the Tri-Cities?” He told her she could complain about it, or do something about it! That is how HiHo was born and it will succeed with community support!

There are three ways YOU can help HiHo build a permanent children’s museum in the Tri-Cities: 1) Donate on their website or become a regular sponsor, https://hihotc.org/donate/, 2) attend HiHo exhibits with your children, and 3) “Like” HiHo on Facebook, leave a positive review and share their posts!


HiHo’s next exhibit “Amusement Park Science” will be at the Gesa Carousel of Dreams this October-November and during Winter Break after Christmas. This exhibit was designed by the Illinois based Discovery Center Museum and will teach children kinetic energy by providing twenty play-centric interactives that demonstrate the physics behind amusement park rides.

HiHo will also hold a fundraiser June 3rd, 2017 at the Walter Clore Center in Prosser. The fundraiser will be for ages 21 and up and will be a fun, entertaining event, including: music, games and a performance by Seattle based group, “Wreckless Freeks.” Details and where to buy tickets will be posted on HiHo’s Facebook page soon!

Watch for HiHo’s “Name the Octopus Mascot” contest. The contest will be open to children. HiHo will choose its favorite four names and the public will get to vote! Details posted on their Facebook page soon!

HiHo is available to put on exhibits at schools and will be at the “Kids Engineering Day” March 18th @ 10 a.m. at Curie STEM Elementary in Pasco. If you would like to arrange for HiHo to come to your school, or would like to learn more about how you can donate or volunteer to help HiHo, contact:

Hands in for Hands On Tri-Cities

P.O. Box 3544 . Pasco, WA 99302

E-mail: hihotricities@charter.net

Lara Hastings, President . Stephanie Button, Vice President . Stephanie McCarl, Treasury . Elena Gavin, Fundraising

If your family would benefit from having a permanent, interactive children’s museum in the Tri-Cities, please share this post on social media and tag everyone who would be interested in learning how they can support this cause!

Thanks for reading whenintricities.com! When in Tri-Cities is written by Alicia Walters, Tri-Cities freelance writer and contributor to Living TC Magazine. Scroll down to subscribe and follow on Instagram @whenintricities.

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