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Locally owned and operated, Stick and Stone opened in January of 2014. It is no wonder their pizza has an authentic, wood fired taste because their oven, which cooks your pizza in less than two minutes at a temperature of 900 degrees, was imported from Italy. This enhances the made-in-house, from scratch flavors of their dough, dressings and sauces!

Stick and Stone pizza dough is made from imported flour for a truly authentic taste and is made from only four ingredients: flour, water, yeast and real sea salt. They use San Marzano tomatoes for their exquisite sauce-and the sauce is what sold me-it is so sweet and delicious, I could drink it!

One of their most popular pizzas is the “Honey Badger.” If you love the meats, order the “Pig,” and if you like the classic cheese pizza, the “Margherita” is perfecto! Since their new menu was launched this January, more and more customers prefer to eat their pizza at Stick and Stone.

I particularly love the ambiance. The open space, tall ceilings and beautiful lighting all adjacent to a piping hot and beautiful open oven just makes me feel like I’m at a resort. The food is brought to the table quickly and it is definitely an experience the entire family can enjoy!

Stick and Stone gives back every week to our community by hosting “Tuesday Community Night.” They invite a non-profit or charity to come in and invite as many people as they can while 15% of all their sales are donated to their cause.

Read more about Stick and Stone pizza, here.

Stick and Stone

3027 Duportail St, Richland, WA

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