Marla Rogers, Tri-Cities Cookie Lady


Photos courtesy of Marla Rogers of Marla’s Cookie Co.

Marla Rogers, or “the cookie lady,” has been baking cookies from scratch since she was a young girl in her mother’s kitchen. Marla says, “I used to hover over her every move in the kitchen, wearing her oversized aprons.” In fact, she still bakes with her great grandmother’s rolling pin passed down to her grandmother. But baking soon took a backseat to attending school until a friend approached Marla while she was living in a studio apartment in California and asked her to bake her wedding cake and two hundred cupcakes.

She baked all night in an oven that was about half the size of a standard oven and arrived at the event with her cake and cupcakes and although she hadn’t slept and was completely exhausted, she said that her dad’s voice came to her mind, “Find what you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Marla says her dad (stepdad) was very influential in her life and raised her to be hardworking and self-sufficient. And from that moment, Marla knew she was a baker.

Marla’s Cookie Co. is a licensed Cottage Food Operation and a relatively new business to the Tri-Cities, WA. You will begin to see Marla’s cookies at the farmer’s markets this summer. Marla believes that anything can be turned into a cookie and loves a challenge and if you check out her portfolio, she delivers that belief. She offers both open and private cookie decorating classes for holidays, birthdays, girl’s night out or just because.

Marla’s cookies are made fresh to order. Every time. She doesn’t use shortcuts and she doesn’t freeze pre-made cookies or use pre-made mixes. And the fat? Pure butter. You just can’t replace that flavor. Pricing starts at $25 per dozen. Customers can choose to pickup cookies by the box, or have them delivered on a platter to their event. For additional cost, Marla will wrap cookies individually to give as party favors.

“When my clients call, I ask them to state what event they are having and if they have inspiration photos of what they are looking for. But I always take the idea in the photos and turn it into my own creation.” Marla also offers scheduled consultations for those significant events in life where everything needs to be just perfect. Customers can peruse her extensive portfolio on her Instagram page, @marlascookieco and she also has a hard copy of her portfolio to sit and discuss ideas, pricing, etc. She asks that customers give her at least three days notice for orders.

One of Marla’s signatures, aside from her meticulous lines and details is often she will include puns on her cookies and little jokes. “I’m actually not the funny one in my family, but life isn’t perfect and having a husband deployed through the holidays has been tough and humor is a way to laugh at life.” She hopes that when people see her cookies, they will smile and it will bring out their sense of humor. “I hope that anyone who is going through something will see my cookies and it will cheer her up.”

You can see more of Marla’s cookies by contacting her through her Instagram page, @marlascookieco, or visiting her Facebook page or website.

(209) 247-6769


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