Lawrence Scott Park in Kennewick, WA

2016-06-15 15.35.262016-06-15 15.33.432016-06-15 15.32.502016-06-15 15.36.58Lawrence Scott Park is one of my favorite places to take my children to ride their scooters. The park is named after  a former  mayor of Kennewick  who served as mayor from 1962 to 1967. The walking path is two-thirds of a mile long and it is just right for little feet. The park is beautiful and open. It is fun to go there in early June and see the rose garden. It is never crowded when I go there. There are always a few puppies and dogs playing fetch there because it is a great dog park. Lawrence Scott Park is a beautiful location for a family picnic on a Sunday afternoon.

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by writer Alicia Walters, contributor to print and digital magazines.

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