How to Put Makeup in the Right Place: Talking to Your Teenager about Makeup


You have a daughter who thinks she’s ready to wear makeup, but you don’t want to send her to school looking like an eye shadow palette exploded on her face. Here are 5 points to consider when first talking to your teen about makeup.

Makeup Comes Second to Your Wellness
No amount of makeup can compensate for a happy girl with a beautiful smile. Keep makeup in its proper place. Make sure your daughter is getting enough positive love and attention that isn’t related to how she looks or what makeup she’s wearing. Proper rest, nutrition and exercise will do far more for her beauty and self-esteem than spending hours in front of a mirror analyzing her looks.

If wearing makeup causes you too much stress or too much excitement, you aren’t wearing it right. Mothers and daughter shouldn’t argue constantly about makeup or turn it into a power struggle. Give her the freedom to make her own choices in regard to how she wears her makeup as far as the style and colors. Take her shopping with you and have her choose her makeup and maybe she’ll be more willing to listen to your input on how to wear it best.

Makeup is a Fashion Accessory
Makeup is a big follower of fashion. Remember when everyone was all excited about peach? Or when cat eyeliner was trendy? Makeup fads go in and out very quickly. One of the best ways to get started using makeup is choosing a timeless look; nothing overly done and nothing trying to make a big statement.

Let’s just get started with the basics. There are several great “Makeup for Beginners” tutorials online and if you are still unsure where to start just begin with a little color on the eyelids, cheeks and lips. See how it looks and how she feels wearing it. The key to her feeling confident in her skin is to listen to her input. Don’t try to turn her into a mini you. Flip through magazines together and have her point out a specific look that inspires her and let her try it out.

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This is a great beginner brow kit.  The colors are light and neutral and the brushes are adequate to provide your teen with a little practice defining her brows.  Never over-tweeze!  Keep those brows looking natural.

Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual is a must-read for any makeup enthusiast.  She starts at the beginning and walks you through the steps to apply makeup like a pro.

Less is Not Always More
Now that you have a little color on your eyelids, cheeks and lips it’s time to assess if you are ready for a bolder look. Go ahead and experiment with bright colors as long as you put them in the right place and don’t “color outside the lines.”

This is where having a magazine cut out for inspiration can really come in handy. When mothers know the look their daughters are trying to recreate, it makes communicating about makeup that much easier. If she knows you are willing to let her experiment with different looks, she will be more willing to let you help her execute those looks in a way that is age appropriate and flattering.

This makeup trunk would make a fun gift for a young girl just getting into makeup because the makeup is light but it offers a variety of colors for her to experiment with.

Makeup is Not a Mask
Makeup should be used to enhance her natural beauty and never to cover up her beautiful face. It can be used to camouflage acne and scars. One of the best ways to show your daughter the mistakes people make with makeup is to recreate them for her on your own face and let her be the judge if the makeup enhances or distracts from your beauty.

Teaching your daughter can be as easy as the two of you standing in front of a mirror and demonstrating to her how ridiculous you look when you overdo the smoky eye or when you wear such a heavy lip that Ronald McDonald would be jealous. But this should never be in reaction to how she is wearing her makeup or a way to make her feel bad. Have fun and don’t make it about her.

I love this makeup trunk!

You Are Far More Important than Your Makeup
In all matters of fashion, but particularly with makeup, young girls cannot be told too often that they are far more important than their makeup, their clothes, their bodies, etc. Compliment her on the wonderful qualities and skills she has that are unrelated to her outer appearance.

This isn’t an excuse for the two of you to never change out of your pajamas or take your hair out of a messy bun, but reaffirm to her that you just enjoy the simplicity of the two of you spending time together. She’ll grow up so fast and grow into her own style of fashion and expression, whether or not you have spent time enjoying these teenage years. Remember to have fun and not take makeup too seriously.

This natural eye shadow palette is for young beginners who are just starting out, who just want a little color on their eye lids.  This Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow and Mood Boosting Blush is great!  A nice berry/natural color with a hint of shimmer is perfect for your teen!

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